Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rich Dad Said What?!?!?

In building my Reverse Funnel business, I am reading Robert Kiyosaki's Retire Young, Retire Rich .

If you are building a business, or are concerned with building wealth, I recommend reading a book of his because he was able to create enough of a residual cash flow to walk away from working a job- and, he talks about his journey and what he learned.

He wrote something about applying leverage that struck me as profound:

"When it came to the subject of work, money, and leverage, rich dad would say, 'If you want to become rich, you need to work less, and earn more. In order to do that, you need to employ some form of leverage.'
He contrasted that statement by saying, 'People who work hard only have limited leverage. If your working hard physically and not getting ahead financially, then your probably someone else's leverage.'"

Anyone in today's world knows that the Internet is a powerful form of leverage for any business; my mentors in Ty Couglin's Reverse Funnel System are teaching me to leverage his proven system to create a stream of cash flow!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reverse Funnel- Too Good to be True?

Ok, I'll admit that I jumped in with both feet.
But not before I reviewed the facts, thought about the potential, day dreamed a little and even paid $50.00 to qualify myself.

I even pestered some one in the "Inner Circle" to explain to me exactly what I am getting myself into.
Really, I wanted all of this to be anonymous- I did not even want to tell my girlfriend what I was researching for fear of the reaction that I so often got in the past when trying to explain to complete strangers why they should consider my "retire in 3-5 yrs" Network Marketing opportunity (which I gave up on after my absolute best efforts).

But, maybe I'm just a big sucker, a "softie" for wanting a vehicle (business) out there to provide me and my family and income stream that will dwarf the one I get trading hours for dollars.
Even hearing Ty Coughlin explain the system that he has created for this industry gave me shivers of possibility that I could create an income like his.

So here we are, me and you reading this blog and both with a fighting chance to see it all happen...

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Reverse Funnel Wealth!

Ty Coughlin's Inner Circle Mentorship

Haven't you wished to be in an "Inner Circle" of wealthy mentors, who thrive by creating win-win relationships with their students? Their knowledge of creating riches is taught to students and duplicated to create MASSIVE cash flow!

Here's my example:

I have been speaking with my Mentor about her experiences (the money she has made) in this Reverse Funnel System.
She got started about 3 weeks ago- I have been at it for 2 days, now- she will make $4000 in commission checks for this week alone.

Sounds cool (good for her, right) but the best part is that she has a vested interest in helping me do the same to make $4000 in commissions a week.

I'm excited in laying the ground work to reap this income stream! You can be doing the same...

Any questions, feel free to contact me:

Monday, September 10, 2007

What I Have Seen...

Well, Ty Coughlin's "Reverse Funnel Wealth System" is a product of the information age...

This business harnesses the power of duplication through the Internet; sales and thousands of dollars in commission are all generated, and put in your pocket, by clicks of a mouse!

The Inner Circle Mentors are working with those who qualify themselves, so wealth is created by and paid to those people who look to create a powerful, residual, income stream.

How is this done?
Ty has teamed up with a global resort company eager to expand it's web presence.
The travel/hospitality industry is a $7 trillion-dollar industry and is projected to triple in growth as more and more Baby Boomers retire and travel more.
This company is eager to pay $500 to $1000 commissions to people who generate sales through Ty's Reverse Funnel System. Entrepreneurs can earn and exceed $5K to $10K a week and this requires:


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